Innovation Bay podcast: rapid staffing solutions

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In episode 172 Tom Amos, CEO and Co-Founder of Sidekicker – a platform that matches thousands of businesses to pre-qualified temporary staff – talks with Ian Gardiner about the company’s journey from the genesis of the idea as sparked by “The 4-Hour Workweek”, through to the milestone of turning over a million dollars in a month. Tom’s journey is not just about business but also about building a culture where caring for each other is at the core.

Sidekicker has been backed with $40million in funding, the initial amount of $100,000 primarily from Seek Investments. They have not only disrupted the market but have also become a vital player in the space. Sidekicker work with around 2,000 customers per year, ranging from small catering companies to large organisations like Australia Post.

From the nuts and bolts of Sidekicker to the broader landscape of business and innovation, Tom offers valuable insights into:

  • the future of work
  • the role of AI – sharing how Sidekicker innovatively uses AI for data automation, matching engines, and award compliance
  • the potential challenges the economy may face in the next 24 months

About Innovation Bay Podcast

There is a lot of activity in the Australian startup ecosystem. Ideas, talent, and money are all flowing into this sector at an unprecedented rate. This weekly podcast brings in-depth interviews with the best people making the biggest difference. It’s brought to you by Ian Gardiner and Phaedon Stough, technology entrepreneurs helping to grow the startup sector in Australia and New Zealand. Ian and Phaedon co-founded Innovation Bay with a clear mission to help technology entrepreneurs succeed.