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Emergency onboarding: what to do before and after a data breach

Web and API attacks are currently the top concern among businesses due to their increasing frequency and sophistication of attack ... Read More
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Securing supply chains against cyber threats

As supply chains grow in complexity, they are also increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks ... Read More
Cyber safety

How businesses and consumers can achieve online safety

Cyber vigilance is critical, with over a billion malware programs now infesting the internet ... Read More
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How businesses can stay cyber safe during the festive shopping season

Businesses must be prepared for a cyber-crime spike during the festive retail period, as the highest amount of money changes hands ... Read More
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What businesses need to do to shore up their security defence

Organisations need to understand that at some point, some cyberattack attempts will successfully breach and get into their networks and systems ... Read More
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Graph technology: the hidden weapon to fight fraud

Traditional, rule-based fraud detection is no longer effective at unravelling the complex webs of cyber crime ... Read More

In data as in clothing, fashion needs the right measurements

While there is a vast quantity of valuable data available, from web browsing and shopping behaviour to mobile payment data, many brands are struggling to draw actionable insights from it ... Read More
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How organisations can shore up cybersecurity defences with a digital twin

Criminals operate in a “graph-like” way: infecting one node and then spreading throughout the network. A digital twin can help map attack paths and identify valuable assets to protect ... Read More
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How companies are fighting cybercrime with graph data technology

Conventional enterprise-grade security and methods for preventing cybercrime are clearly no longer working. Part of the problem is the imbalance between defenders and attackers ... Read More
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A new approach to cybersecurity

Cyber criminals view a network like a graph, aiming to quickly exploit a weakness in one node and build towards the most valuable systems and data ... Read More
How graph technology is helping businesses combat fraud

How graph technology is helping businesses combat fraud

Digital platforms have created new opportunities for fraud, enabling complex webs of transactions using sophisticated layering techniques to mask parties ... Read More
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Beefing up cyber defences during EOFY

Ransomware attacks and credential stuffing are two common cybersecurity attacks that occur at the end of financial year (EOFY) ... Read More
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The role of graph data platform in preventing cyberattacks

Cybercriminals hunt undetected relationships to exploit multiple small connections and circumvent security measures. By graphing these connections in advance, organisations can fight cyber-crime ... Read More
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How graph data technology helped expose the Pandora Papers leak

The use of data science revealed complex offshore transactions made across millions of documents in the Pandora Papers, revealing how the wealthy avoided taxes and laundered money ... Read More
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Why graph data platform is the answer to combatting fraud and financial crime

Synthetic ID fraud and sophisticated layering techniques for money-laundering make it immensely challenging for investigators to follow the money trail. Graph data technology can unlock the answers ... Read More
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The turning tide against surveillance capitalism

With the delicate balance between customer data and privacy in the spotlight, every organisation needs to be aware of new standards and business models ... Read More
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Why SMEs need a cybersecurity ambassador

All organisations are vulnerable to cybercrime, but SMEs typically have far fewer resources to protect themselves. Many SMEs are on a knife-edge right now and even a small cyber attack ... Read More
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Securing your business against cyber threats post-COVID-19

Humans are the “weak link in the chain” when it comes to defending against cybercrime. Human error causes 90% of data breaches ... Read More
5 keys to reducing the risk of your cloud migration

5 keys to reducing the risk of your cloud migration

Time is your enemy when it comes to cloud migration. When scheduling the migration, there are five key things that every cloud architect should keep in mind ... Read More
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How businesses can secure themselves in a post-COVID world

Cyber criminals have been taking advantage of the anxiety over the COVID-19 pandemic with a host of new scams. Remote working has created new attack vectors such as insecure home ... Read More
How to protect your business from cyber threats

How to protect your business from cyber threats

The internet is not getting any safer and cyber threats are evolving every year, making it even more difficult for businesses to navigate. Effective cybersecurity requires a three-pronged approach ... Read More
Are e-wallets a threat to society?

Are e-wallets a threat to society?

While the smartphone is today akin to a ‘new-age cash register’, it has proven to be a handy vehicle for criminals. Mobile security threats have evolved ever since the first ... Read More
Safeguarding against AI-based cyber-attacks

Safeguarding against AI-based cyber-attacks

We've now seen the advent of artificial intelligence being used for cybercrime. Fraudsters using AI to mimic voices is just an evolution in technology. But how can you protect against ... Read More
Top 5 Futuristic Technologies That Will Transform The World

Top 5 Futuristic Technologies That Will Transform The World

Forecasters in the 1950s predicted that airborne robots and flying cars would be part of everyday life by the 2000s. Instead, social media networks, smartphones, and live streaming have dominated ... Read More
Where are you in your cloud maturity journey?

Where are you in your cloud maturity journey?

For many enterprises, finding success in the cloud is still a daunting challenge. Too often, organisations set overly high expectations for the benefits of the cloud while underestimating the amount ... Read More
3 common mistakes companies make when adopting cloud

3 common mistakes companies make when adopting cloud

There are many mistakes that companies new to the cloud make when they begin looking into cloud adoption, that can impact the success or failure of cloud migration ... Read More
Blockchain is ready for prime time despite its critics

Blockchain is ready for prime time despite its critics

Over the last few years the hype around Blockchain has been brought to the forefront via mass entry into cryptocurrencies. How should we reconcile our expectations versus the reality? ... Read More
AI and the cloud: Separating fact from fiction

AI and the cloud: Separating fact from fiction

From virtual assistants to chatbots and deep learning, AI is taking up increasing space in the cloud. If you believe the hype, the advent of artificial intelligence is destined to ... Read More
Why the cloud isn't Colditz

Why the cloud isn’t Colditz

Being "in the cloud" can lull companies into a false sense of security. Cloud doesn't mean that someone is taking care of everything for you. Any company still has many ... Read More
Chatbots: Opportunity and threat

Chatbots: Opportunity and threat

In the first six months after Facebook introduced a bot API for Messenger, around 34,000 chatbots were created. They’re being used for a range of purposes, from engaging at the pre-sales point ... Read More

The rise of serverless architecture

Serverless architecture has become a buzzword, with more and more people using it. But should they be? While there are some situations where serverless offers many benefits, there are also ... Read More
Studies find CEOs more confident about cyber security than CIOs

Studies find CEOs more confident about cyber security than CIOs

Following an increasing number of high-profile breaches and ongoing pressure from governments and regulatory bodies, cyber security is increasingly taking centre stage on most board agendas. Board members are becoming ... Read More