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Impact investing: putting capital to use for good causes

Impact investing: putting capital to use for good causes

What is the difference between impact investing, ESG investing and responsible investing? ... Read More
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How campaign metrics can stifle success

Too many decisions are made based on what can be measured in the short term, as opposed to what will deliver true consumer impact and business outcomes ... Read More
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How to create hybrid heaven

How can businesses avoid a "hybrid hell" with disconnected teams, ghost town offices full of empty desks, and technology infrastructure buckling under the strain? ... Read More
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How companies are fighting cybercrime with graph data technology

Conventional enterprise-grade security and methods for preventing cybercrime are clearly no longer working. Part of the problem is the imbalance between defenders and attackers ... Read More
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Optimising food manufacturing through artificial intelligence

AI has the potential to optimise all areas of food manufacturing, facilitating smart, industry-specific applications to improve every aspect of the supply chain ... Read More
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How to maximise ad effectiveness moving into 2023

Advertising budgets will need to work smarter and harder in 2023. An effective use of media will deliver better results for brands and agencies ... Read More
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A new approach to cybersecurity

Cyber criminals view a network like a graph, aiming to quickly exploit a weakness in one node and build towards the most valuable systems and data ... Read More
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Unpopular opinion: The algorithm is not evil

Algorithms should be viewed as our greatest ally in the ever-competitive attention economy ... Read More
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Combatting and overcoming complex Asian supply chain issues

Manufacturers, distributors, and logistics companies need a more robust, scalable approach to deal with supply chain complexity ... Read More
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Ad effectiveness in the age of fragmented media

Measuring ad effectiveness is increasingly challenging in a world of ever fragmenting media and audiences ... Read More
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3 ways online grocers can win customers post-pandemic

Digital grocery retailers must keep the customer at the heart of new investments and address key pain points ... Read More
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Managing evolving supply chain challenges

3 ways organisations create more resilient supply chains that can adapt to ever-shifting demands and challenges ... Read More
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How to make the jump to a unified observability platform

The need for a single observability platform is clear, but how can organisations implement it successfully? ... Read More
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Watchability will be the deciding factor of the streaming wars

Streaming services face some hard realities ahead, from limited scale to opacity around measurement ... Read More
3 ways graph data platforms help governments leverage data

3 ways graph data platforms help governments leverage data

Through graph technology, governments can model complex webs of data and solve complex problems ... Read More
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How to encourage staff back into the office

True flexibility comes from a mix of working modes, with a strong contingent of both office-based and remote staff ... Read More
How graph technology is helping businesses combat fraud

How graph technology is helping businesses combat fraud

Digital platforms have created new opportunities for fraud, enabling complex webs of transactions using sophisticated layering techniques to mask parties ... Read More
How imitating bees can help achieve space ambitions

How imitating bees can help achieve space ambitions

Bees survive hostile environments and unpredictable events through excellent collaboration, a common purpose and extreme information sharing ... Read More
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4 ways to invest in property amid rising inflation & interest fates

With the current state of the economy, investors may be looking for alternative ways to enter the property market ... Read More
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Transforming supply chains with knowledge graphs

To be resilient, supply chains need to be visible which means understanding networks and dependencies ... Read More
Let human hands guide the automated touch

Let human hands guide the automated touch

Delivering personalised experiences at scale is a top challenge for customer experience (CX), requiring a high degree of automation ... Read More