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How Web3 will transform entrepreneurship and investment for good

The way we raise capital can determine the success or failure of a new business idea with high-growth potential ... Read More
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How organisations can shore up cybersecurity defences with a digital twin

Criminals operate in a “graph-like” way: infecting one node and then spreading throughout the network. A digital twin can help map attack paths and identify valuable assets to protect ... Read More
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Fixed income investments in times of market volatility

Uncertain economic times like these tend to make some investors slow or pause investing. But cash under the bed or even earning bank interest loses value in a higher inflationary ... Read More
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How advertisers look at TV

2023 will be a year of continued opportunity characterised by major shifts both within the media sector, but also in the overall economy ... Read More
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The innovation needed to make agriculture truly green

Agriculture accounts for a significant proportion of greenhouse gas – innovation holds the key to reducing emissions ... Read More
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How to start your business on the right track for 2023

As conditions hopefully start to ease later this year, what trends will fade away and which ones will remain a feature of the landscape? ... Read More
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What’s on the horizon for market research in 2023?

When there are so many unknowns, it’s critical for businesses to consistently keep in touch with consumers  through market research ... Read More
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Tech Trends 2023 predictions

2022 was the year when we saw an end to the pandemic border closures as the world slowly started to open up again. Travel resumed, events picked up momentum, and ... Read More
AI and graph technology to improve patient care

AI and graph technology to improve patient care

Artificial intelligence (AI), digital twin and graph data technolgies are generating insights that enable better prevention, more accurate diagnoses and more effective patient treatments in healthcare ... Read More
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Connecting with citizens: the future of digital government

Citizens expect and demand from governments the same seamless and personalised experiences as they get from businesses ... Read More
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Solving modern workforce challenges with data-driven career development

Amid the talent shortage, up-skilling and re-skilling current staff can be tough, especially when it involves creating career development opportunities in a large enterprise ... Read More
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Navigating chip shortages and supply chain disruptions

The semiconductor and chip shortage affecting the automotive and technology industries is likely to persist through to 2024, how can manufacturers be more resilient? ... Read More
Impact investing: putting capital to use for good causes

Impact investing: putting capital to use for good causes

What is the difference between impact investing, ESG investing and responsible investing? ... Read More
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How campaign metrics can stifle success

Too many decisions are made based on what can be measured in the short term, as opposed to what will deliver true consumer impact and business outcomes ... Read More
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How to create hybrid heaven

How can businesses avoid a "hybrid hell" with disconnected teams, ghost town offices full of empty desks, and technology infrastructure buckling under the strain? ... Read More
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How companies are fighting cybercrime with graph data technology

Conventional enterprise-grade security and methods for preventing cybercrime are clearly no longer working. Part of the problem is the imbalance between defenders and attackers ... Read More
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Optimising food manufacturing through artificial intelligence

AI has the potential to optimise all areas of food manufacturing, facilitating smart, industry-specific applications to improve every aspect of the supply chain ... Read More
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How to maximise ad effectiveness moving into 2023

Advertising budgets will need to work smarter and harder in 2023. An effective use of media will deliver better results for brands and agencies ... Read More
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A new approach to cybersecurity

Cyber criminals view a network like a graph, aiming to quickly exploit a weakness in one node and build towards the most valuable systems and data ... Read More
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Unpopular opinion: The algorithm is not evil

Algorithms should be viewed as our greatest ally in the ever-competitive attention economy ... Read More
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Combatting and overcoming complex Asian supply chain issues

Manufacturers, distributors, and logistics companies need a more robust, scalable approach to deal with supply chain complexity ... Read More